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About Us


Our Approach

Striving for excellence, Pupkens aims to bring a change to buying pet online through transparency and honesty. Pupkens encourages users of our website to rate and write reviews about experiences they may have had with breeders. 

At Pupkens we champion the humane treatment of all animals, this is why we promise to make ever effort possible to keep the bad people out of the pupkens network. We vet ever breeder that registers with our network for honesty and integrity, if they are found to be committing any fraudulent or illegal activity the proper steps are made to remedy the situation.

We love puppies and kittens, We also respect and admire the occupation of breeding. This network exist to allow responsible breeders the opportunity to grow, network and find loving homes for the pets.
Our mission is to bring together responsible breeders with loving families. We achieve this by giving breeders the tools and marketing they need to place their puppies and kittens with the right owners. 

Owners are afforded to opportunity to know exactly who they are buyinh from by viewing a breeders pupkens profile. Owners are also able to read and write reviews about a specific breeder.